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Nvidia is building chat with PDF apps. I'm not joking.

Nvidia dropped a demo called "Chat with RTX"—a chatbot you can run right on your PC. It crunches through documents and YouTube vids on your machine instead of needing cloud-based apps.

What's going on here?

Nvidia's bringing the Chat with PDF apps to your computer.

What does this mean?

Nvidia's stepping into the AI chatbot game, but with a twist. Their "Chat with RTX" demo lets you run a powerful chatbot right on your own PC (if you’ve got one with 8 Gigs of VRAM + other specs)

This is an unpolished demo, you can download it but not something you can rely heavily upon (yet). Nvidia's throwing the dev doors open so we can see what’s possible in terms of local AI.

Want to know how good this thing is? Some tips/results from Tom (The Verge):

  • It crashed when Tom tried to index 25,000 documents.

  • The app does not remember past messages, so you can't do contextual Q&A.

  • It creates JSON files within folders you choose to ask questions, be selective with the folders you use.

Why should I care?

The biggest impact of this is privacy: Your data stays on your PC, which matters to lots of us. Then there’s pricing too: If you have a PC that can run AI models locally, you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for a cloud app. And anything that doesn’t use internet is a plus anyway.

Reminder: Chat with RTX is an early demo, not a perfect product. Expect setup issues and inaccuracies.

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