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Open AI has acquired the entire team of Global Illumination in its first public acquisition. They’re being vocal about how the team will work on their core products, including ChatGPT.

Global Illumination is a design studio with team members having built early products at Instagram, Youtube, Pixar, Riot Games, etc. Their website links to a Minecraft-like game called Biomes. This acquisition hints at Open AI’s plans to make more consumer-facing products and not just be an API for businesses.


Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt to launch AI-science moonshot. The aim is to achieve scientific breakthroughs using AI. The org structure is modelled after Open AI (which started as a non-profit and then extended into a for-profit arm).


One of Google’s AI units, DeepMind, is using generative AI to develop at least 21 different tools for life advice, planning and tutoring. These tools will not provide therapy assistance; they are more in the realm of talking with a friend.


Open challenges in LLM research. This excellent post from Chip Huyen covers the 10 major challenges that are yet to be solved with LLMs. Must read if you’re looking to find a problem to work on or evaluating potential AI ideas.

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Agent Protocol - A single common interface for communicating with agents.

  • Songburst - AI song maker built for everyone.

  • Resume scanner by PDF AI - Get resume overview and questions to assess the candidates.

  • GPT-oracle-trainer - Create a chatbot that can answer questions about your product with Llama 2.

  • Forms by Superdash - Create AI-powered forms for onboarding, lead qualification, hiring and more.

  • Essense - Analyze thousands of reviews with AI to get actionable insights.

  • Beard Style AI - Create AI-powered beard styles.

  • Narrator - Turn your photos into memoirs with AI.

  • Gem - AI-powered news summaries for tech and finance.

  • VectorShift - No-code LLM application builder.

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 Ben’s Bites News  top posts from the last 24 hours

Unclassifieds - short, sponsored links

  • Mindsera – The #1 AI-powered journal for mental health and productivity. Used by clear thinkers from MIT, Harvard, Meta, and Apple.

  • Katch - AI Assistant that takes care of scheduling all your meetings. Sign up with promo code: Benbites20 for 20% off!

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