Open AI fights back in court

PLUS: Opt-out by Meta and new Arabic LLM.

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OpenAI disputes authors’ claims that every ChatGPT response is a derivative work. OpenAI argues simple outputs like "Yes" aren't derivative works under authors' "legally infirm" theory. Also, it states training ChatGPT with books is transformative fair use, not direct infringement, as the purpose is to teach models rules of language, not profit directly from pirated works.


Opting out from AI training by Meta. Meta adds a form titled “Generative AI Data Subject Rights,” which lets users submit requests to access, alter, or delete personal information accessed via third parties that Meta uses for generative AI training. For example, your email and name from a public blog post. This doesn’t change how Meta trains its AI on your comments and posts on FB/Insta, etc.


UAE launches Arabic large language model in Gulf push into generative AI. Jais is a 13B parameter LLM trained in Arabic. It’s open-source and can be downloaded on Hugging Face. The previously released Falcon model from the same team in UAE topped open-source charts for a while.

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