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OpenAI adds metadata to AI images in ChatGPT

OpenAI's stepping up its game by embedding C2PA magic into images made by DALL·E 3. That means any pic you get from ChatGPT or the API comes with an ID card you can check out.

What’s going on here?

Images generated via ChatGPT and OpenAI API now include metadata using C2PA specifications.

What does this mean?

C2PA is a techie standard that's all about making sure the media we see and share is legit. Think of it as a digital ID card for images, telling you where they came from and what's their story.

So, every image you get from DALL·E 3 now comes with this C2PA tag - it's like a seal of authenticity. But here's the kicker: not everything's foolproof. This tag can get lost in the digital shuffle, like when images hit social media or get screenshot. OpenAI's clear that while C2PA's cool, it's not the end-all for proving where an image came from.

Why should I care?

Knowing what's real and what's not is getting tougher. There’s a flood of AI images coming that we’ll have to deal with every day (most of us already are). Adding C2PA tags on AI images is a try to sift through that noise, even if it's not perfect.

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