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OpenAI and Stack Overflow announce an API partnership.

Stack Overflow used to do the job of answering fancy developer questions, but now AI is everywhere. Which one to pick then? Open AI and Stack Overflow want you to use both.

What's going on here?

OpenAI is getting access to verified solutions and tech answers straight from Stack Overflow.

What does this mean?

Stack Overflow and Open AI are joining hands. Using Stack Overflow’s Overflow API, Open AI will improve its models for developers. It’s not clear whether this includes training on the massive knowledge base of code and tech answers or just citing answers from the API.

Stack Overflow will use OpenAI’s models to build its Overflow AI feature that does kinda the same job—find relevant stuff from Stack Overflow that can answer your question.

The first set of features from this partnership is expected to come in the first half of 2024 i.e. soon.

Why should I care?

StackOverflow got a massive hit in its traffic due to ChatGPT. Devs graduated to creating the answers to their questions on-demand using AI, instead of searching on the forum.

But since then Stack Overflow has made attempts to bounce back. They launched their Overflow API, gating access to their data—which has also led to deals like this and a similar one with Google Cloud back in Feb 24.

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