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OpenAI and Thrive Global create an AI health coaching company.

Sam Altman and Arianna Huffington have written a post in Time. They’re teaming up to build an AI health coach that could transform how we approach chronic diseases and daily wellness.

What's going on here?

OpenAI and Thrive Global are launching Thrive AI Health, an AI-powered health coach app.

What does this mean?

Thrive AI Health, as they are naming the company will be a hyper-personalized AI health coach. This coach will be trained on peer-reviewed science and follow Thrive's behaviour change tricks (called Microsteps). It’ll tap into your medical data, daily habits, and preferences to give real-time, tailored nudges. These nudges will aim to whip your "big five" into shape: sleep, food, movement, stress management, and social connection.

Some more tidbits:

  • OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global are jointly funding this company.

  • When it launches, the health coach will be available as a mobile app (and in Thrive’s enterprise offerings).

  • Sam and Arianna write it’ll have superhuman long-term memory. 👀

  • DeCarlos Love (ex-Google) will be Thrive AI Health’s CEO.

Why should I care?

Right now, only the fancy folks get personal trainers and life coaches. But chronic diseases don't discriminate, and they hit some demographics harder than others. This health coach will try to level the field by giving more people access to behaviour coaching.

Most larger narratives of AI helping in healthcare have been around drug discovery, but this bet is aiming for behaviour change based on your personal preferences and needs. Well, social media introduced behaviour changes based on personal data. The word’s this change will work in our favour.

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