OpenAI wants Hollywood to use Sora

OpenAI is making moves into the film industry. OpenAI is showing Hollywood a new tool called 'Sora'. It's a text-to-video generator that could seriously change the way movies get made.

What's going on here?

OpenAI is actually demoing Sora to studios in LA already.

What does this mean?

OpenAI seems serious about this. They're taking a measured approach, working with the industry instead of dropping tech and running.

The groundwork for this effort is COO Brad Lightcap’s back-to-back meetings with film studios in LA, showcasing what Sora can do. According to Bloomberg, he’s got another batch of these meetings scheduled for next week. And he’s not alone, CEO Sam Altman also made rounds during the Oscars this year.

These talks are still in the early stages, but we're talking about potentially using AI for everything from rough special effects to location concept art.

Why should I care?

AI video getting mainstream faces two barriers: technical and mass adoption. With Sora, we’ve seen a glimpse of a technical solution but all of this could be for nothing if you cannot convince the biggest video creators i.e. film studios to adopt them.

OpenAI is taking that seriously and meeting with studios to get them on their side—similar to its push for signing deals with news publishers. This time they are going at it prior to releasing the model to the world, maybe to avoid another lawsuit like NYT’s.

If OpenAI succeeds we could see AI helping out with complex scenes sooner than expected. What do you think, will it be good to watch?

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