Pulitzer winner sues Open AI

PLUS: Salesforce's AI haul, hardware benchmarks for AI.

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Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon and others sue OpenAI. The group of writers has sued OpenAI on the basis of using their works via Project Gutenberg and other shadow libraries to train ChatGPT without their permission.

PS: OpenAI has acquires the domain Chatgpt.com. It redirects to ChatGPT now (source).


Salesforce expands AI offerings at their annual conference. Einstein Copilot embeds the ability to ask questions in the context of whatever users are doing, regardless of product. (A step up from previously announced EinstienGPT)

The new Einstein Copilot Studio will allow companies to build custom prompts (prompt builder) and workflows (skill builder). The assistants run on the new Einstein 1 Platform, which connects AI models to enterprise data through the enhanced Data Cloud.


New benchmarks from MLCommons test hardware entries from different companies. Nvidia’s H100s performed best on a 6B-parameter LLM that summarizes CNN articles. Intel’s Gaudi2 is second (10% slower than Nvidia). Reuters coverage on results, previews, and cost of chips.

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Join Sam Altman, Co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, Wade Foster, Co-founder and CEO of Zapier, for a fireside chat on AI, entrepreneurship, and much more, at ZapConnect on September 28.

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Spence by Kindbuds - AI-Driven HR Bot for resume and cover letter optimization.

  • JS2TS - Convert JavaScript to TypeScript with ChatGPT.

  • FastFacts - Get the latest listing announcement within 2 minutes.

  • TimeOS AI - Time-aware AI for meeting notes & scheduling.

  • Healsens - Discover your health risks, get insights for longevity.

  • Solidroad - AI-powered role-play training for sales teams.

  • ExLlama V2 - A fast inference library for running LLMs locally on modern consumer-class GPUs. (70B Llama 2 at 35tokens/second on 4090)

  • Summit - Life coach that helps you achieve your goals.

  • Glide AI - Set of native building blocks that make it easy to create AI-powered apps.

  • Maekersuite - Write video scripts 10X faster with AI.

  • Pocket Hansei - Empowering learning using AI.

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