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Rewind Pendant - The new AI wearable in town.

Rewind, the personalized AI app that remembers everything you do on your computer released a waitlist for their wearable device called Rewind Pendant. Rewind Pendant is the hardware extension of “remember everything you do.” This comes following a number of AI wearable previews last week.

What’s going on here?

Rewind Pendant is a wearable that captures what you say and hear in the real world and then transcribes, encrypts, and stores it entirely locally on your phone.

What does this mean?

The Rewind Pendant allows the AI app to learn from a user's real world conversations and sounds, beyond what they experience on screens. There’s no demo or launch date but you can pre-order for $59 and secure your spot.

Why should I care?

In the past week we have seen three wearables: Meta-Rayban Smart Glasses, Humane’s Ai Pin and Avi Schiffman’s Tab (also in a locket form). Then we have rumours about Open AI building an AI device with ex-iPhone designer. There are clear signs that the next path for AI integration is physical devices. AI hardware is heating up.

With this heat, there are concerns about privacy and wiretapping laws that these companies still need to address. Someone joked on X: who’s gonna build a detector for these AI recording devices now?

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