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  • Roblox Assistant to make game dev easier.

Roblox Assistant to make game dev easier.

PLUS: water usage of AI systems, next year plans for Meta.

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Roblox unveils Roblox Assistant, a conversational AI assistant that lets creators enter prompts to generate virtual environments. For example, create a game based in ancient ruins, describe player movements and get help with code for it, and more. It’ll be available for use next year.


ChatGPT uses an estimated 500ml of water for every five to 50 prompts. The estimate is from researchers at the University of California based on YOY increase in Microsoft's (34%) and Google’s (20%) water usage. The water usage is tied to the cooling cost of data centers for training and running ChatGPT.


Meta plans to begin training an LLM in Q1 2024 to match GPT-4. While Meta partnered with Microsoft to offer Llama 2 on Azure, this new model will be trained on their own infrastructure. Again, Zuck wants the model to be open-sourced and free for companies to build AI tools. This makes sense; a bunch of recent YC companies are using Llama2 in their key offerings.

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