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Sam Altman's letter after his fire-rehire at OpenAI

Sam Altman is officially back as OpenAI’s CEO. The rest of the team is also back to building beyond the 1st year of ChatGPT. Yup, this little bad boy came out in the world a year ago. Feels like ages ago.

What’s going on here?

Sam Altman is back as Open AI’s CEO and has a message for everyone.

What does that mean?

Sam’s written a touchy-feely letter for his team. Bret’s version (Chair of the new board) is more straight to the point. Though, the wording in both letters is carefully chosen.

The highlights you need to know:

  • Mira Murati (CTO) and Greg Brockman (Director) are also back with 3 researchers who left the same night. Ilya’s (Chief Scientist, ex?) work at OpenAI is under discussion. He’s not making it back to the board.

  • Microsoft is getting a non-voting observer seat on the board. The cleanest option for Satya without regulator trouble. Enough mentions of the word “diverse” while talking about selecting new board members.

  • Greg and Sam are partners in running the company. Soon, the org chart will reflect that. The governance structure of the company will also improve.

  • No single employee or customer has left Open AI.

Why should I care?

The Verge has an interview with Sam with straight and no-sugar-coated questions. It’s practical and emotional at the same time. In the interview, Sam confirms the Q * leak and says there’s rapid progress in general. Hold on folks, OpenAI ain’t done yet.

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