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Scale AI signs a deal with the Pentagon.

The Pentagon teaming up with Scale AI to get serious about AI, specifically, the new large language models that write like humans. They're trying to figure out how to actually test and evaluate these LLMs for military use.

What's going on here?

Scale AI is basically building the ultimate AI exam for the Pentagon. They want to know what these models are good at, where they fall short, and how they can be reliably used in military stuff.

What does this mean?

Think of it like an AI driver's license. Scale AI is making a test filled with military lingo and scenarios to see if these AI models understand the specifics of warfighting (and other domains).

They're collecting real feedback from military folks. It's not just about accuracy, it's about whether the AI's output feels useful and relevant to officers using this tech.

The goal is automated red flags. Ultimately, they want these AI models to be self-aware enough to signal when they're straying outside their expertise.

Why should I care?

The military is where a lot of cutting-edge tools get their start, especially evaluation, monitoring and that sort of stuff. Tech that works for the Pentagon eventually trickles down to common people and plays a role in how rules and regulations are shaped.

Evaluating generative AI is tricky. But this project shows that the Pentagon is taking it seriously. They're trying to build the testing ground for these AI models and get a sense of how future efforts should be shaped.

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