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Scale AI's new leaderboard bring trust to LLM rankings.

With so many large language models (LLMs) out there now, it can be hard to know which ones are actually the best. Scale AI just launched their SEAL Leaderboards to rank LLMs using unbiased data and expert evaluation.

What's going on here? 

Scale AI just launched the SEAL Leaderboards, the first truly expert-driven and trustworthy ranking system for LLMs.

What does this mean?

Scale AI created the SEAL (Safety, Evaluations, and Alignment Lab) to address common problems in LLM evaluation, like biased data and inconsistent reporting.

It’s a bit like Michelin star ratings, but for AI. The leaderboard ranks LLMs based on their performance in areas like coding, math, and ability to follow instructions. They've even brought in verified experts to assess the models.

What really sets SEAL apart is its focus on quality and fairness. They use private datasets that can't be manipulated, expert evaluators, and transparent methodologies to give us the most accurate picture yet of how different LLMs stack up. Currently, it’s a tight race between GPT-4 series, Gemini 1.5 and Claude models. Check the leaderboards here.

Why should I care?

The SEAL Leaderboards give us a clearer picture of how these models actually perform.

They also address a major hurdle in AI development: the race to the bottom caused by companies manipulating benchmarks to make their LLMs appear better. This often leads to contamination and overfitting, where models learn to perform well on specific tests but struggle in real-world applications.

SEAL's private datasets and rigorous evaluation methods aim to prevent these issues, ensuring the Leaderboards provide a trustworthy picture of LLM capabilities.

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