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Slack launches native AI features for enterprises.

Slack’s first set of AI features is going live for enterprise users. Slack's new AI means less time lost hunting for buried information and more time getting work done. Think personalized AI-powered search, instant channel recaps, and thread summaries at your fingertips.

What's going on here?

Slack’s upgrading from AI integrations it tested in 2023 to get some native AI features.

What does this mean?

Ask natural questions (like you would someone who knows your org), and Slack AI spits out precise, source-cited answers. No more scrolling through mountains of messages to find your answer.

For skim-reading channels, you can get an AI-generated recap of any channel for that "need-to-know" lowdown. Add in summaries and key points to distil long threads with countless replies and what-ifs. You can jump right in where it matters. Saves a ton of time!

Slack is hosting the LLMs that power these features on their own infrastructure (no deets on whether there’s GPT-4 under the hood). But the guarantee is that doesn't share customer data or use it to train any AI models. Your company's info stays securely inside Slack.

But what if you were already using cool AI apps? Those will stay integrated seamlessly into Slack with even more on the way!

Why should I care?

Get this: Slack's testing shows up to a whopping 97 minutes saved per person each week by using this AI. That's regained time for the work that really matters. Slack AI also cuts through your company's info overload, giving you the power to make informed decisions quickly, even on stuff you missed.

This rollout is starting with enterprise users (paid add-on, English only for now). You can request access to Slack’s AI features and talk to their sales team.

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