Stable Diffusion for music

PLUS: Firefly pays stock contributors and US senate's AI forum

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Stability AI launches music generation tool - Stable Audio. Stable audio can generate music up to 90 seconds in the paid version ($12/month). The songs can be downloaded in 44.1kHz stereo.

It is a lot different from other Stability’s projects: The underlying model is not released, the web app looks really well put together (compared to other offerings). Techcrunch has coverage on the year-long making of Stable Audio and what it means for the future.


Adobe’s Firefly is now generally available after 160 days in beta. Adobe will charge based on "generative credits" that limit how fast users can generate images. Paid Creative Cloud plans will get 1,000 credits and free users get 25 credits to use Firefly across Adobe’s apps (for eg: generative fill in Photoshop). Also, Adobe’s going to pay bonuses to the Stock image contributors whose content is being used to train Firefly.


The US Senate's AI Insight Forum. Elon warned of existential AI threats while Gates said AI could help fight hunger. Zuckerberg defended open-sourcing AI models despite risks. All tech leaders present, including Google and Microsoft CEOs, agreed AI regulation is needed, but differed on specifics like stifling innovation versus addressing current harms.

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The end of project management by humans.

Project management is necessary — it’s how we stay in sync and hit deadlines. But it’s often tedious. Stressful. Complicated. And most of all, far from your true ambition.

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Enter a new era of project management here.

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 Cool Tools  trending product launches from the last 24 hours
  • Instagraph - Converts text input or URL into knowledge graph and displays.

  • Replit ModelFarm - Build gen AI apps faster without the hassle of API key management.

  • Headshot AI - Open-source project from Leap AI that generates professional AI headshots in minutes.

  • - Make learning the fun habit it should be.

  • Retail intelligence by Lykadat - AI insights from fashion retail market analysis.

  • Magentic - Seamlessly integrate LLMs as Python functions.

  • Poised - Private feedback in meetings to make you sound confident.

  • Melon - Your AI thought partner for learning and upskilling.

  • Sherlock by Tract - Your personal private investigator to eliminate bad actors and find your next great investment.

  • ChartGen AI - Create any chart instantly with just one sentence.

  • Epsilon - Answer academic research questions and generate summaries with citations.

  • Luxa - Get product insights from sales calls automatically.

  • Chat2024 - Ask questions to AI clones of 2024 presidential election candidates. (reminder: check citations, LLMs might make up stuff)

  • Lantern - A PostgreSQL vector database for building AI applications.

  • DealPage - AI workflows for sales engineers.

  • BricksAI - A simple OpenAI access manager for enterprises.

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  • Amplify Ventures is running a survey about the models, tools, and other resources folks are using in their AI engineering process. pss: Ben’s Bites is in the “newsletter AI engineer read” section.

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