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Stable Video 3D creates orbiting videos of objects

We're in the world of 3D content generation from simple images. Stability AI has dropped a new model called Stable Video 3D (SV3D). This bad boy makes it easier and better to turn those flat photos of objects into 360-degree videos.

What's going on here?

SV3D is a serious upgrade in 3D tech for generating realistic videos of objects from single images. Imagine snapping a pic of your coffee mug and the AI spitting out a 3D video like it was shot from a camera.

What does this mean?

SV3D figures out what those unseen parts should look like and keeps the object looking the same from every angle. There are two flavors of SV3D for different needs:

  • SV3D_u: Need a simple 360-degree spin of your object, like a product shot for your online store? This version takes a single image and generates a video orbiting the object, giving you a full view without needing to manually adjust the camera.

  • SV3D_p: Want to get fancy and create a full video moving around the object? This one creates the video along a specific camera path, giving you a more realistic final video. Imagine showcasing all the details of a new sneaker design with a video that swoops and zooms around it.

And if 3D meshes are your thing, SV3D's got you covered with better quality and lighting that actually makes sense.

Why should I care?

Imagine the possibilities in design, gaming, or even online shopping, where a single image springs to life, letting you examine products in 3D right from your screen.

Companies who need this for product shots, AR, whatever—you've got the green light via Stability AI's memberships. As always, for non-commercial use, it’s on HuggingFace.

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