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Tab - What's this new AI necklace about.

Tab, a new wearable AI necklace created by Avi Schiffmann wants to be like a personal AI buddy. Tab is a voice-powered necklace that listens to your conversations and gives you insights about your life and relationships. It has just raised $1.9 million in funding.

What's going on here?

Tab wants to be an always-on AI friend that replaces stuff like life coaching and therapy by understanding users' lives through constant listening.

What does this mean?

Tab works by hanging around your neck and recording sound of your chats. It uses AI like ChatGPT to type up these convos and track details about you. The goal is for Tab to learn your context and give you personalized insights without you asking specific questions.

Avi’s Tab has a different approach from Humane’s Ai pin and Rabbit’s R1. It’s not competing with a phone, instead, it’s about making AI personal to you: your companion, your helper and your guide.

Schiffmann thinks Tab can build a deeper bond than regular apps by being there all the time. He envisions it evolving into a virtual therapist, coach or someone you confide in. Tab only records sound, not video, to balance privacy and collecting useful data.

Why should I care?

If Tab works well, it could start a new way of ambient, assistive AI. Instead of needing to ask a chatbot questions, Tab aims to understand your life patterns and needs more naturally. This raises interesting questions around constant surveillance, but also potential upsides like self-improvement and emotional support.

While new, Tab represents a vision of AI as a life enhancing companion versus just a tool. Its impact spans areas like mental health, productivity and relationships. Tab's launch will be an important test case for passive, intimate AI in people's daily lives.

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