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All things AI from Replit's Developer Day

Replit, the online IDE just had its annual developer day yesterday. CEO Amjad Masad promised to break benchmarks leading up to this and Replit surely did with their new feature called Code Repair. More features like Replit Teams are launching soon.

What’s going on here?

Replit announced AI-powered code repair in its online IDE.

What does that mean?

Replit’s hypothesis is AI should be its own entity in a development environment i.e. it should work alongside you instead of just suggesting the next steps or changes to the code.

Replit’s first step towards this vision is a programming LLM that is native to its platform and can understand session activities to fix mistakes in your code, just like a pair programmer would.

Technically, Replit’s Code Repair is based on a 7B model but beats GPT-4 and Claude 3 Opus on Replit’s code-repair benchmarks. Since it’s just a 7B parameter model, Code Repair is gonna be insanely fast and Replit can serve this feature at a low cost.

You can read the complete technical report on base model choices, adapting it to Replit’s interface and new evals for SOTA testing.

Why should I care?

Replit has adopted AI into its core and now it’s building AI models that are unique to its platform. Going this route, it’s trying to be a platform that serves beyond just engineers, it wants to attract builders of all kinds.

Along with AI working with you, Replit is expanding its collaborative nature to allow Google Docs-like live collaboration. With upcoming Replit Teams, multiple members of your team could jump into a reply (i.e. a project) and edit files simultaneously. Pop in a banger: you get an additional AI teammate that has RAG access to your codebase and works in sync with you all.

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