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TikTok is getting a new AI makeover for ads.

TikTok is rolling out some shiny new AI tools to help brands and creators go global with their ad game. Think custom avatars and automatic dubbing to break language barriers.

What's going on here?

TikTok's expanding its Symphony AI ad suite with two main additions: Digital Avatars and AI Dubbing.

What does this mean?

Digital Avatars come in two flavors:

  • Stock avatars based on paid actors from all over (available for commercial use)

  • Custom avatars that look like specific creators or brand spokespeople (to keep that personal touch)

Both types will speak multiple languages to reach international viewers. And don't worry, they'll be labelled as AI-generated to avoid any confusion.

AI Dubbing is the second piece of the puzzle. This tool will:

  • Auto-detect the video language

  • Transcribe and translate the content

  • Produce a dubbed version in 10+ languages (French, Spanish, German, you name it)

Why should I care?

If you're a creator or brand on TikTok, this could be a game-changer for growing your global reach without losing your ~authentic~ vibe.

And hey, even if AI spokespeople weird you out a bit, you've gotta admit it's pretty cool. Although, TikTok addicts might not love the idea of even more ads, now feat. virtual avatars.

No word yet on how much these fancy AI tools will cost, but get ready to see your fave TikTokers speaking all sorts of new languages!

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