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What's new in ChatGPT: Memory and Temporary Chats.

ChatGPT's getting an upgrade... memory! OpenAI is testing ways for it to remember details about you and your past conversations. Another step from OpenAI toward making ChatGPT a genuinely useful, long-term AI assistant.

What's going on here?

ChatGPT can now remember what you tell it, to make future chats more personalized and efficient. [currently in limited testing]

What does this mean?

ChatGPT can now learn and adapt based on your chats. That means:

  • No more repeating yourself. Imagine you own a coffee shop – tell ChatGPT once, and it gets your vibe for social media posts or marketing ideas.

  • Personalized output. Meeting recaps in your exact style, and lesson plans that fit your schedule.

Basically, we taught ChatGPT to keep a notepad for itself. Every time you share information that might be useful for future reference, it'll (hopefully) add it to the notepad.

It’s a wider version of the custom instructions feature, except that it runs across all of your chats and ChatGPT automatically learns these new instructions. Don’t worry, you also get to control what it remembers and forgets.

  • Manage and delete specific memories in settings.

  • Turn the whole memory function off if you choose.

  • Use Temporary Chats when you don’t want chatGPT to remember stuff.

Custom GPTs will also get the memory feature which will stay separate from your main ChatGPT chats.

Why should I care?

This is a limited test, but it has huge implications. Think of ChatGPT less as a chatbot and more as a work buddy who learns over time. Explaining basics or reformatting stuff is a huge time suck among power users of ChatGPT (especially businesses).

Memory and Temporary Chats are currently available to a limited number of ChatGPT free and Plus users for feedback before a wider release. Once this gets live, you can focus on the big ideas, it'll handle the details.

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