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  • Windows Recall stores all your history UNENCRYPTED.

Windows Recall stores all your history UNENCRYPTED.

Remember Microsoft's shiny new AI tool, "Recall"? It's like your personal time machine, answering questions about your browsing history and laptop activity by taking screenshots every 5 seconds. Sounds cool, right? Well, it gets problematic.

What’s going on here?

Security researchers have found a potential privacy nightmare lurking within this seemingly convenient tool.

What does this mean?

Recall stores all those screenshots in an unencrypted database on your laptop. This means anyone with access to your device could potentially see everything you've been doing. Cybersecurity experts are already comparing it to spyware, and one ethical hacker even built a tool called "TotalRecall" (yes, like the movie) that can pull all the information Recall saves. Yikes.

Apparently, Recall captures everything - even messages from encrypted apps like Signal and WhatsApp, including those "disappearing" ones. And it doesn't stop there; websites you've visited, text on your screen—it's all fair game.

Why should I care?

Well, if you value your privacy, this is a big deal. Imagine a disgruntled employee walking away with sensitive company data or a malicious actor getting their hands on your personal information. Not to mention the potential for abuse in personal relationships.

Microsoft claims you can disable the screenshot feature and delete the data, but the fact that it's stored unencrypted in the first place is raising eyebrows. They haven't responded to these concerns yet, but researchers are urging them to reconsider Recall's design before it's officially released.

Stay tuned for updates on this one, folks. In the meantime, maybe think twice before using Recall. After all, do you really want your laptop to remember everything?

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