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Worldcoin open sources its eye-scanning software

The Worldcoin Foundation just open-sourced the Orb’s core software components. Orb is a privacy-focused eyeball scanner to prove your humanness and separate yourself from AIs. Worldcoin and Orb are backed by OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman.

What's going on here?

The core components of the Orb’s software are now publicly available on GitHub under an MIT/Apache 2.0 dual license.

What does this mean?

Worldcoin wants their Orb to be the gold standard for proving you're a real human online, but in a way that doesn't compromise your privacy. They just made verifying Orb's software a whole lot easier.

In today’s release, they outline the design requirements that Orb’s software needs to meet and open source two parts of their software pipeline:

  • Key image capture and processing code (how it takes your picture, ensures it's not a fake).

  • The process of encrypting your images and sending them only to you.

They've had experts poke around, and more audits are coming. This is critical, as the whole point is proving you're not a bot.

Why should I care?

Open-sourcing is vital for a device like the Orb. They claim to be privacy-focused and highly secure, but without seeing the code, it's just another “trust me bro” claim. Open source lets anyone (with the skills) dig in and verify these claims, building trust.

For them, the next steps are to increase the scope of these open releases, more audits and reduce the need to trust closed systems.

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