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An AI assistant designer you just talk to and it makes things, Write your app idea → get the app, AI fetal ultrasounds, A tool for starting your own AI startup, Coatue raised $500M to fund AI

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 🎨 An AI assistant designer you just talk to and it makes things 📝 Write your app idea → get the app 👶 AI fetal ultrasounds 🧑‍💻 A tool for starting your own AI startup 💰 Coatue raised $500M to fund AI


Coatue is raising a $500 million early-stage fund with a focus on AI, among other sectors. This was published by The Information ($700+/yr) so I took the hit and here are the main takeaways:- Coatue invested in Stability AI (makers of Stable Diffusion) at a $500M valuation- They believe AI is on the cusp of exponential adoption by the general population. It's gone from "side research to mainstream, getting into every application".- For this fund, AI is a big focus. They're bullish on the space (aren't we all 😉).- They're looking to fund everything from "how you run AI in production on the chip all the way up to writing and having products and applications on AI"

🤯 Holy shit. A proof-of-concept AI assistant designer. In the demo, a guy speaks out loud to a human/cyborg on a screen asking how they are etc and it responds. But the crazy thing is then the guy asks the AI to draw an apple, a cat in a bottle (he switches from Chinese to English when speaking here - using Whisper) and even crazier, he says ‘let's design a house’, it asks for materials, location, season etc…Honestly you have to watch it.

PlaygroundAI just released ‘draw-to-image’ which is impressive for many reasons. One is that you can draw literally a stick outline of a duck, and it’ll generate full digital variations of an image. I'll have a deep-dive with the founder soon 😏

Training AI to have feelings 😳. When AI understands emotion, it could help distil information to be less chaotic for example.

A great, funny thread of responses to ‘Complete this image in a way that proves you won’t be replaced by AI’.

Following the Stable Diffusion Discord Drama (which I spoke about 2 emails ago). Emad (SD founder) posts a public apology to the moderator. Although it was posted on GitHub, and it was apparently after doing so in person yesterday 🤔.

Sound familiar? ‘Hey developer in my team, can you quickly pull some analytics from SQL as I have no idea how to use it?’ Well now, you can use GPT-3 to let people chat with their database instead of having to write SQL. Here's the link to the actual product page. (p.s. I was that person asking my dev friends whilst at Product Hunt 😬)

This new proposal can quickly adapt to the recommendation for a new drug with limited prescription data from a few support patients. Better recommendations, faster.

Qualcomm is hiring AI research interns. It’s 4 months long and based in the Netherlands. They’re hoping to make ‘breakthroughs in AI to scale them across industries’.

Wanting to start your own AI startup? Lightning AI has released an update and new apps framework to help you do just that.

There’s a shortage of adequately trained workers who can perform Fetal ultrasounds. But now, there’s a proposal that allows AI to run on-device, with no internet and provide feedback to assist in training ultrasound operators in low-resource settings. The accuracy is on par with existing clinical standards.

There’s a Stable Diffusion Photoshop plugin that lets you generate images on your own computer!

Two side projects from Kyle around AI images: cardpossible (the perfect unique card for any occasion) and gallerai (share images and prompts).

A good view on ‘AI vs human intelligence’:

Humans can go pick up coffee beans, grind them, boil water, read the instructions for an Aeropress & brew a nice cup of coffee. Good luck teaching that to an AI.

An AI can predict 3D structures of proteins by just looking at a bunch of letters. Good luck teaching that to a human.

Sebastian Raschka

🪄 Write your app idea → get an app. This new tool - Buildt - does just that. The video demo on their site shows you how. Currently early access only - I’m on another the list! They have a page here which, when you enter an email, shows a lot more about what they're building, why, the founders etc. I've got a call with the founders on Monday - so I shall report back soon.


Stratio BD Raises EUR65M in Series C Funding

Still quiet here while the world crumbles...looking forward to the multi-hundred million dollar funds to start deploying so it doesn't look so empty here.


a capybara with a gaming headset playing videogames alone in his room at night

Steve Jobs in Breath of the Wild

The inside of the Pulp Fiction briefcase


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