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  • YouTube's trying to sweet-talk record labels into an AI music deal.

YouTube's trying to sweet-talk record labels into an AI music deal.

Looks like YouTube's ready to crank up the AI tunes, but they need the music industry's blessing first. It's all about getting that sweet, sweet licensing for AI-generated tracks.

What's going on here?

YouTube is in talks with big record labels to license songs for AI music tools.

YouTube launched “Dream Track” last year. Now, it has new plans.

What does this mean?

YouTube wants to scale up its AI music experiments to new, bigger projects. They're offering cash upfront to labels to convince artists to let their tunes be used to power these projects—one of them rumoured to be a new song generator.

The goal? Sign up "dozens" of artists for a new AI song generator this year. It's not just about blanket licenses, but getting select artists on board.

But it's not all harmony in the music world:

  • Many artists are worried AI could devalue their work

  • Labels are walking a tightrope between embracing tech and keeping artists happy

  • Some music companies are suing AI startups for using copyrighted tunes without permission

YouTube's keeping it hush-hush on the exact details, but word is the new tool might also show up on YouTube Shorts (their TikTok rival). The new tool will likely ditch the Dream Track branding too.

Why should I care?

This could be huge for content creators and music fans. Imagine whipping up a custom track with your favourite artist's style in seconds! But it's also a big deal for the music industry. If they get it right, it could be a new revenue stream. Get it wrong? We might see a replay of the Napster drama with AI this time.

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