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Daily Digest: What's going on with Google?

PLUS: Deep dive into a Billion $ AI product

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Hello folks, here’s what we have today;

  1. I wrote a deep dive on how Glean built a $Bn AI product. Chatting with the founder who first conceived the idea while at Google.

  2. Google’s been pumping the weights for the past couple of weeks, trying to flex its AI muscles but every time it backfires on them. On Wednesday, Google

    And guess what people are talking about? That its flagship chatbot, Gemini, is not creating pictures of white people. So, we wrote a bit about how 🍿AI is becoming Google’s Midas Touch. (also below)

  3. Remember Monday’s big news? A big AI company managed to get Reddit’s data for $60M a year. Reuters report that’s also Google.

  4. The second edition of Ben’s Bites Marketing is out now. We are covering how long context lengths are helpful to marketers along with marketing-specific news and tools.

  • Athena* - Enterprise AI Data Analyst: Text-to-SQL, collaborative reports, Jupyter notebooks & multi-modal data explorer w/ co-pilot & agent mode.

  • Hyper Place - Make place for hobbies, creativity and learning.

  • Retell AI - Conversational voice API for your LLM.

  • Aperture v4 by Lexica - Natively generate near 4k resolution images.

  • Longshot - AI platform for all your content needs.

  • Swizzle - Build apps in your browser with natural language.

  • Sheet Savvy AI - Use AI to save hours on repetitive tasks in Google Sheets.

  • NotesLlama - Talk to local LLMs in Apple Notes.

  • Retool forms - Build forms from databases, be it Postgres, MySQL or MSSQL.

  • Brev 2.1 - Transparent billing, more A100s and stability upgrades to fine-tune, train, or deploy your models.

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Google’s been pumping the weights the past couple of weeks to flex its AI muscles but every time it tries to do something, it either falls short, gets overshadowed by OpenAI or backfires on them. Feels like Google has got the Midas Touch when it comes to AI, the good and bad.

What is going on here?

Google rolls out new AI models and features but faces extreme backlash at the same time.

What does this mean?

Just recently Google announced its new model with 1M tokens context length. A couple of hours later OpenAI slam dunks them with Sora, an AI video model with too real to believe outputs.

But, that’s a week-old story. On Wednesday, Google

And guess what people are talking about? Its flagship chatbot, Gemini, is not creating pictures of white people.

So, here’s my attempt at separating the wheat from the chaff and bringing some nuance to the hype chamber.

  • Gemini’s image fiasco:

It’s bad. Creating diverse images in response to vague queries is a nice idea but turns out Google’s Gemini takes it too literally. It started generating historically incorrect images of white leaders, misrepresented ethnicities and fictional narratives. Google put a bandaid as entirely refusing to generate images of white people and that added fuel to the fire. Now it’s running around trying to find a fix.

Now, here’s the nuance: LLMs and image generators have a bias against minorities. Some moderation is necessary to not further promote that. But it’s hard to find a balance and Google’s first attempt at it “sucked” (to say the least). OpenAI’s ChatGPT has the same issue, but since the model has been public for a while, they have gotten much better at that balance. Google will too.

This is much more likely to be an LLM/image model bug and less likely to be an evil agenda.

  • Google open source models:

Google’s back in the “open models” game. Some are claiming that it is “joining” open source but Google’s been at it for years now. Before Llama in mid-2023, Google’s FlanT5 was the best open language model. And based on the benchmarks, it seems like they are again now (in the weight category they are playing—7B).

However early results from the LLM hackers I follow are not as great. Google claims to beat Llama and Mistral both but to recap of what I’ve seen on Twitter, it is more like Llama < Gemma < Mistral.

  • Gemini 1.5 Pro:

OpenAI’s Sora overshadowed this baby beast. And there’s some merit behind it. Sora’s insane, and Sam Altman was generating clips for people in real-time. But looks like Google has learnt somewhat.

More devs are getting access to these models and getting blown away. Google’s team is also actively sharing more demos including some insane ones.

Why should I care?

This time, I have a weird answer: care less i.e. focus on what matters to you. Grand narratives are likely someone playing with your focus. Be vigilant, participate in discussions around safety, features, limitations, etc., and question things that make you doubtful but don’t let it get to your head.

Google’s gonna win some and lose some in the AI battle. Find your moments of stricking the gold in between all this.

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